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Did you know that flowers become sweeter when they hear bees?

September, 2021

Research claims that flowers have the ability to " hear" the buzzing sound emitted by bees and generate strategies to ensure their survival.

Nature offers a myriad of sounds, and apparently all of them have a function. Although several of these mechanisms are still unknown, it is known that there is a connection between plants and animals to ensure the survival of both.

A Tel Aviv University study published in the journal bioRxiv. was able to verify one of these cases, the relationship between bees and flowers. Flowers are able to "hear" the buzzing of bees and in response produce a sweeter nectar to attract them and ensure their evolution.

The flowers analyzed in the research were a variety of primroses (Oenothera drummondii). This plant even reacted to artificial stimuli with a frequency similar to that of bees, generated by the team of experts. In only 3 minutes, the primrose flower increased the sweetness of its nectar. This strategy would increase the chances of cross-pollination.

Flowers, ears of plants

Flowers as an organ within the plant kingdom, among other things, would fulfill the function of ears. They react to specific frequencies with different adaptations.

In addition to the reaction to bee buzzing, the researchers also found that the flowers vibrated mechanically in response to other sounds such as wind. This suggests that there is a mechanism in the flower that serves as an auditory sensory organ.

Given these findings, researchers theorize that sounds emitted by human activity may also be a factor influencing the flowers.

Finally, the researchers conclude by saying that hearing is not limited to the ears, but has to do with vibrations that are perceived in different ways. There are insects that listen by picking up vibrations in their antennae. Thus, flowers could also hear everything around them.