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Saltos del Petrohue Waterfalls

Saltos del Petrohue cascades

   Saltos del Petrohue, one of the tourist icons of Southern Chile, are a group of cascades belonging to the homonymous river, located a few kilometers from Puerto Varas, within the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park, the oldest in Chile, created in 1926. As in all of southern Chile, vegetation is abundant and evergreen, not based on high temperatures but on a Temperate-Rainy Climate. The renowned cascades were formed about 600 years ago by the accumulation of lava rocks from the eruption of the nearby Osorno volcano. 

There are innumerable excursions available from the neighboring cities of Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas and Osorno, also many of the tourists who make the route to the Argentine tourist city of San Carlos de Bariloche stop here to enjoy the wonderful views. Undoubtedly the most recommended time to visit the place are the Summer months, between December and March because of its mild temperatures, on average 19ยบ C. However, during the Winter, is when the river flow increases and the cascades are even more beautiful.

How to Get There

By bus or car from the city of Puerto Varas, 50 km. away, bound for the towns of Ensenada/ Saltos de Petrohue. Access to the place is through Route 225. Along the way, you can see the landscape of the evergreen forest, Llanquihue Lake, Calbuco and Osorno Volcanoes.



Saltos del Petrohue
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   One of the main activities is the 15-20 minutes boat trip on the choppy waters of the river visiting the Falls, however, the navigation is safe, carried out by professionals. 

In the place, as well as within the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park, there are a good number of trails (Spanish "senderos") to enjoy the magnificent environment:

Sendero Saltos del Petrohue, recreational, 600 mts., of easy access and suitable for all public.
Sendero Laguna de Los Enamorados, recreational, 900 mts.
Sendero Carilemu, interpretative trail, with a length of 1.6 km and it is covered in approximately 40 minutes.
Sendero Los Patos, with a length of just over 1 km., the tour lasts about 45 minutes.

For Sport Fishing lovers, Petrohue river runs along one of the most privileged settings in southern Chile. Surrounded by lush forests in all its extension, the river is born from Lago Todos Los Santos, and after a 36  km. travel, it flows into the Seno de Reloncavi, near the city of Puerto Montt.
The water courses of this part of Chile are famous for the Trout and Patagonian Salmon fishing.

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