Torres del Paine National Park

Photographer managed to capture the passing of a Shooting Star in Torres del Paine

 Source: El Pinguino 

July, 2023.-
A beautiful image of Torres del Paine National Park goes around the world thanks to photographer CristiĆ”n Aguirre Duffourc @cristianaguirrephoto who captured the precise moment of the passing of a shooting star.

"The natural chance of being present at the right moment and having chosen the most propitious horizon to photograph'. A mind-blowing shooting star or bolide crossed the skies over the Torres del Paine reflecting on Lake PehoƩ," he posted on Instagram.

Along with this, he explained: "Bolides, or fireballs, are random phenomena in the sky, very difficult to witness, but breathtakingly beautiful. They are larger and brighter shooting stars that enter our atmosphere at high speeds, creating an astonishing spectacle before exploding into multiple pieces."

"The colors of this cosmic body or bolide are a product of its chemical composition in the ionization of the atmosphere. Copper (turquoise green), sodium (orange), calcium (purple), iron (yellow) and magnesium (red)".

To achieve this photograph, he said he spent months of camping and many hours dedicated to contemplating and meditating on the infinite transitions of light, immersed in the wild nature of Parque Nacional Torres del Paine. 

"I have dedicated my life to the simple and complex act of observing the sky and capturing the light. A philosophy of admiration, work and love for recognizing the fullest beauty of the natural landscape. For 13 years I have been aware of the changing lights in the valleys, the movement of the Milky Way and the stars; the moon and the sun during the different seasons of the year," he said.