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2022-2023 season: DAP to operate nearly 180 flights to Antarctica

The company is the world's largest operator of commercial flights to Antarctica. This Summer (southern Hemisphere) it will increase its tourism and logistics activity by around 40%.

Press Release
December, 2022. 
DAP - Antarctic Airways, flights to Antarctica.
On Sunday, November 27, DAP Antarctic Airways lived a historic day, when its aircrafts carried out 20 landings and takeoffs at the Guardiamarina Zañartu airfield in Puerto Williams.

It was an impressive day for the company flying between Patagonia and Antarctica, with four BAe aircraft operating on the Puerto Williams - Punta Arenas - Santiago - Puerto Williams - Punta Arenas route, carrying passengers who boarded the Silversea cruises to the white continent.

In addition, two King Air aircraft flew on the Punta Arenas - Puerto Williams - Punta Arenas route and the Twin Otter performed two flights. Also the same day, a Twin Otter flight was made to Pampa Guanaco (Tierra del Fuego Island) and three helicopters performed multiple flight operations in Antarctica for different customers.

Nicolás Pivcevic, CEO of the DAP Group, pointed out that this season, which has just begun, entails multiple challenges for the company's operations. "In addition to our regular operations in Patagonia and the northern zone, we are adding all the Antarctic activity, this presents several challenges, mainly in terms of flight planning, logistics, passenger movement, etc.," he said.

DAP is the world's leading operator of commercial flights to Antarctica. During the 2022-23 season, it will increase its tourism and logistics activity by around 40%, with close to 180 flights to the frozen continent.

Through its 42-year history, the company (headquartered in Punta Arenas) has been flying to Antarctica for 33 years. During the season (from November to March), DAP operates mainly three types of Antarctic flights: air-cruise charters (transfer of passengers by plane to the frozen continent, where they board an expedition ship), logistics and support for the Antarctic programs of different countries, and aeromedical evacuations from Antarctica to Punta Arenas.