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AWA SOLAR: Pioneering Canned Water in South America with Air and Sun Technology

With over 13,000 monthly clients, AWA SOLAR, the first water sourced not from surface extraction, received awards for Best New Water Concept and Best Technological Innovation at Global Water Drinks 2022. It was the sole company awarded from South America and garnered the highest number of nominations at the event among over 150 participants.

Developed by Lader Energy, one of the leading startups driving positive change in sustainable energy in LATAM, its leaders were recently invited to participate in the innovation panel at the Global Water Congress organized by Zenith Global in Evian, France. 

Awa Solar has been created with a new technology focused on capturing moisture from the air, utilizing solely solar energy. By the end of this year, they will also commence operations at a new plant in Lampa, Chile, developed with local technology.

Conceived as the first high-quality, 100% renewable, recyclable, and responsibly consumed bottled water produced from a combination of air and sunlight, AWA SOLAR has achieved significant milestones in its two years on the market. These achievements position it as a proven solution in the way water is produced and consumed, aiming to combat drought and water scarcity. 

At the 19th edition of the Global Water Drinks event in 2022, which rewards bottled water, AWA Solar stood out as the sole South American company among the nominees, earning the highest number of nominations: 5 out of 17 across categories such as Sparkling Water, Still Water, Best Canned Water, Best New Water Concept, and Best Technological Innovation. Out of over 150 participants, AWA Solar was awarded the titles of "Best New Water Concept" and "Best Technological Innovation," further solidifying its commitment to being the first water for responsible consumption derived entirely from renewable sources. AWA Solar is backed by Lader Energy, one of the leading startups driving positive impact in renewable energy projects across LATAM. This expertise was also recognized at the Global Water Congress, hosted by Zenith Global in Evian, France, where they were invited to participate in the innovation panel. 

Lader Energy has more than 16 years of experience in the development of renewable energy projects and technology throughout Latin America and Europe, specializing in the development, construction, acquisition and sale of renewable energy projects (solar & wind). In 2020, it was awarded as one of the top startups with positive impact in LATAM, within + 500 analyzed, and was also selected among the top 50 solar energy startups worldwide.

"We are deeply grateful to have shared with industry leaders such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Danone, Nestle or Solán de Cabras; it has been very enriching. The fact that a Chilean company has had the highest number of nominations is a very important milestone for us. To have achieved these two awards, especially in these categories, shows us that we are on the right track. We have only been with AWA Solar for 2 years, but there is really a lot of work, love and dedication behind it.  This is thanks to a group of wonderful people with a clear and common purpose, the fight against climate change," says Andres Vasquez Mena, Founding Partner of Awa Solar.

AWA Solar is its flagship project.  The water is extracted thanks to a new technology that combines photovoltaic solar energy and solar thermal energy, capturing moisture from the air and performing a condensation process to generate high quality water and later mineralized, achieving an optimal taste for everyone's consumption, 100% clean and renewable. A product with a zero water and carbon footprint is obtained since it does not exploit any surface water source and everything is powered by solar energy during this process.

They currently have 2 varieties, traditional still and sparkling, and during 2023 they will launch tonic, watermelon, melon and lemon. The containers are made of tinplate, the most sustainable in the world, since it is 100% and infinitely recyclable. It is currently marketed through its e-commerce, as well as through Amazon, and by the end of 2022 it will enter supermarkets. 10% of the profits generated from sales go to communities without access to water.

Last year, the company made a donation of 40,000 liters of water for the rural school La Viña, located in the municipality of Cabildo, Petorca province. With this donation they ensured the entire water supply for the students' consumption for the whole year 2022, allowing the school, which had to close its doors due to the lack of drinking water, to return to classes.

New Solar Plant with National Technology    

With 100% Chilean development, they are also launching a new plant in Lampa, with its first productions during November and December 2022. It is unique in its kind because although atmospheric water generators are used, there are no other projects in which these systems are powered by solar energy, where the objective is to accumulate a large amount of water.

This new technology is mobile through a modular solution, which allows to produce in very small spaces and to be always close to the demand, thus avoiding transports of more than 200 km. It has the capacity to produce between 2,000 and 5,000 liters of water per month, depending on the season of the year, where the Summer months are the most productive.

"It has been an intense two years, with a lot of work and satisfaction. All these milestones encourage us to continue with our purpose that led us to create AWA Solar. By 2022 our goal is to expand to Europe, especially the Spanish market, and in LATAM, in Colombia, Peru and Brazil", says Horacio Vasquez, Founding Partner of Awa Solar.