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A View of Torres del Paine - Image: Navimag Ferries, Patagonia.

Thank you for your preference. This blog is dedicated to promoting the natural and non-natural attractions of Chile as well as relevant and interesting news related to our country and the whole World. For this purpose, it is complemented regularly with new information, which we hope will be of great help for your travel and knowledge. We are located in the city of Punta Arenas, on the shores of the Strait of Magellan, Chilean Patagonia.

Tourist Information about our Country

Chile is often defined -and with reason-, as a "long, narrow, strip of land" located in the extreme South West of South America, covering an area of 756,102 km2  in its South American territory and islands of the Polynesia (Salas y Gomez and Easter Island) besides a claimed territory of 1,250,257 km2 on the Antarctic Continent. 
Astronomy Tours, Chile
Astrotourism in Northern Chile
   Its geography extends from parallel 17º29'57'' South Latitude  down to the South Pole,  offering varied climates and landscapes such as the immensity of the Desierto de Atacama (Atacama Desert), the driest in the World, where are located the World's largest Astronomical Observatories due to the clearness of its sky, the enigmatic Rapa Nui (Easter Island), the Andes Mountain Range, natural border between Chile and Argentina through almost all its extension, with big peaks where large Winter Sports Centers bring together athletes from all over the World, the beautiful Region de Los Lagos (Region of Lakes), the tourist places of Patagonia with all its wonders, the feared Cape Horn, end of the Americas and union of two Oceans, etc. The climatic diversity ranges from a subtropical climate in Easter Island to the cold of the Antarctic Province, for this reason, tourism in the southernmost region takes place mainly during the Spring/Summer season.
Although the waters are not as warm as in other similar latitudes due to the Humboldt Current, Chile has also many beautiful beaches and Summer  resorts. Among the best-known beaches highlight those of Viña del Mar also knowm as "la Ciudad Jardin" ("The Garden City of Chile"), Algarrobo, La Serena and Coquimbo cities, further North Bahia Inglesa, Antofagasta, Iquique and Arica. Along the Chilean coast there are also world-class beaches for the practice of Surfing.
To the South, large forests, rivers and lakes make up a system that is the heart of a more and more increasing Ecotourism activity. This is a region rich in hot spring sources, thermal spas and large Winter Resorts such as "Nevados de Chillan", "Valle Corralco Ski Center", the gorgeous areas of "Petrohue", Reserva Biologica Huilo Huilo, also famous for its lush waterfalls.  

And if we talk about special-interests tourism we cannot fail to mention the Archipielago de Chiloe, islands full of myths, legends, rich folklore and gastronomy whose inhabitants mainly live from fishing and agriculture but surrounded by a beautiful environment, exuberant vegetation, and on the mainland a wild geography, plenty of lakes, rivers and thick forests under the aegis of Wildlife Protected Areas.  
Torres del Paine Mountains and Hotel Salto Chico
  Patagonia is one of the main tourist destinations all over the World, including  the wonderful regions of Los Lagos, Aysen and Magallanes y Antartica Chilena. The North and South Ice Fields, aside from their majesty, make Patagonia one of the World's largest fresh water reserves after the Antarctica.

Here you will be able to visit lots of stunning places, just to mention one, Parque Nacional Torres del Paine (Torres del Paine National Park), chosen  "The Eighth Wonder of the World" by the travel portal, of TripAdvisor Media Group, among more than 300 tourist places around the World with more than 5 million votes through Internet.
Easter Island (Rapa Nui), Chile
Rapa Nui, row of Moai
    Easter Island, (Rapa Nui real name),  remote extension of Chile in Oceania is another of the preferred tourist destinations by national and international visitors. From mainland Chile regularly arrive to the island flights and cruises to soak up this ancient Polynesian Culture and its beautiful environment. 

Archaeologists and historians have tried to find answers to the many enigmas surrounding the arrival of its first inhabitants and lost civilization, who were able to create and move the Moai, stone statues weighing hundreds of tons, without any known help.

Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire Island), South from the Strait of Magellan, is worldwide recognized by its glaciers and excellent conditions that offers for the practice of Sport Fishing in its numerous lakes and rivers, all this amidst beautiful landscapes and virgin nature, almost untouched by human hand.

The Antarctic Tourism, continent just two hours away by air from Punta Arenas, where Chile keeps an important presence of collaboration, exploration and research also records a constant growth by means of companies that work towards the white continent through air and sea operations. 
A view of Santiago, capital city of Chile.
Santiago de Chile, history and modernity
Private and Public National Parks as well as Natural Monuments are normally included in the tourist packages. 
In addition to the beautiful scenery, Chile is a modern country where you can find in its cities attractive commercial centers and advances in many fields.   

Thank you again for your preference, for further information and news about Chile, we invite you to browse our blog.

Raul Silva M.
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