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Atacama Desert among the best destinations for 2022

El Tatio Geyser Field - Image: El Mercurio

The arid region of northern Chile was ranked seventh in the list published by the specialized guide Lonely Planet.

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November, 2021 | Written by M. Francisca Prieto 

Two weeks after being chosen as the best romantic destination in South America in the World Travel Awards, the Atacama Desert received a new recognition, now from Lonely Planet.

The specialized guide included the Chilean tourist destination as one of the 10 regions -specifically the seventh- most attractive to visit during 2022.

The other places chosen in the seventeenth version of "Best in Travel 2022" were: Westfjords (Iceland, 1st), West Virginia (USA, 2nd), Xishuangbanna (China, 3rd), Kent's Heritage Coast (UK, 4th), Puerto Rico (USA, 5th), Shikoku (Japan, 6th), The Scenic Rim (Australia, 8th), Vancouver Island (Canada, 9th) and Burgundy (France, 10th).

"This is undoubtedly an excellent news and shows that our country is a World-Class destination. We have had a long period of restrictions due to Covid-19, but thanks to the greater containment of the pandemic it is possible to start planning future trips and our country stands out as one of the places that must be visited, not only because of its amazing landscapes, but also because we are a safe destination", said the Undersecretary of Tourism, Jose Luis Uriarte.

For her part, the national director of Sernatur (National Tourism Service), Andrea Wolleter, highlighted the achievement obtained by the Atacama Desert, and emphasized the various benefits that this and other destinations in the country have to offer. "The Atacama Desert is recognized worldwide for being one of the most spectacular natural settings in the world, we are fortunate. That is why our invitation is that Chileans themselves can enjoy and experience every corner of our country, re-enchanting themselves and discovering new spots", she said.