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Torres del Paine National Park, New Online Ticketing System

Source:  Radio Bio-Bio

February 23, 2021.-   The Chilean Minister of Agriculture, María Emilia Undurraga, headed the official launch of the electronic ticket sales system in Torres del Paine, which will benefit some 300,000 visitors to the national park. The aim is to expedite the arrival of tourists.
The method will work in a similar way to flights check-in under QR code, they are non-transferable and oblige visitors to accept all the rules for entering the National Park.
"It is an agreement between the private sector and CONAF (National Forest Corporation). How important it is to advance in these collaborations between the public and private sectors, because in this way we will be able to develop different alternatives to bring our parks closer to all Chileans and to people who come from abroad," said the Secretary of State.
During 2020, the "online ticket sales system" was implemented for access to the Areas Silvestres Protegidas (Protected Wildlife Areas), after an agreement signed by Conaf in Magallanes and the Association of Hotels and Tourist Services of Torres del Paine (HYST).
"It is a very efficient system that will also allow Conaf to have information about the people who come to visit our parks, in order to have a system that is more adequate to the needs of each one of them, as well as safer, not only in terms of health," said Minister Undurraga.
  In this first stage, the system was implemented in Torres del Paine National Park, with 632 people entering the park between the last week of November and December 29, 2020, of which 80.4% purchased online, 14% through tour operators and only 5.2% in person at the Unit, according to the Ministry of Agriculture in a press release.
In this regard, Rodrigo Bustamante, Manager of HYST (Association of Hotels and Tourist Services Torres del Paine), said that "it has worked very well since it started. It has been a very good initiative, a very good joint work and we are very happy with this launch and the fact of being an example at a national level as well".
Rodrigo Munita, executive director of Conaf, emphasized how user-friendly the system is: " you enter and there you find all the information step by step to register, to make reservations, the day, time, and at the end you also have a satisfaction survey, so the truth is that the visit can be a great visiting experience. That's what we're hoping for." GO TO SALES SYSTEM.