Chile: Tourism Industry aims at the Brazilian Market

A beach of Viña del Mar, Chile.

Valparaiso is another destination in the wishlist of travelers, occupying the same position (3rd place) year-round, being surpassed only in Summer by Chilean Patagonia and in Winter by Viña del Mar.

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March 15, 2019.-  Well into the 2019, and with figures from the Undersecretary of Tourism in hand, Chile evaluates where to look and put its efforts to improve the growth of the national tourism industry. Brazil currently occupies the second place in the ranking of arrivals in Chile, behind Argentina, the latter is a country that is currently facing internal economic difficulties so that more and more Brazil begins to gain space in Chilean inbound tourism.

Despite being far from the number of tourists arrivals (2,422,235 Argentina - 589,172 Brazil 2018) since 2014, the number of Brazilians who choose Chile as their favorite destination to visit has been increasing and the trend is to continue.

There is something where Brazilian visitors stands out among his peers from other Latin American nations, their daily spending, with 99.7 USD, followed by Mexico with an expense of 85.8 USD and behind them Argentina with 55.2 USD. This makes the Brazilian tourist a very attractive focus for the Chilean market.

Understanding the behavior of tourists, especially when it comes to strategic markets, is key to being able to develop properly focused promotional campaigns, and also to diversify the offer, but being clear about what travelers are looking to consume.

Then, what is the charm that Chile has for Brazilians? To begin, we must talk about Santiago, a city that has positioned itself as one of the most cosmopolitan capitals of the southern cone and even the continent. With world-class ski centers less than two hours away and world-renowned vineyards at an almost equal distance, Santiago has a wide variety of activities to offer without having to go too far.

But Santiago is not all that tourists from the tropical country come to see (although it is in the 1st place in a survey of “Destinations that Motivated you to come on Vacation”), Valparaiso is another destination in the wishlist of travelers, occupying the same position (3rd place) throughout the year, being surpassed in Summer by Chilean Patagonia and in Winter by Viña del Mar.

If something is clear is that Brazilians visit Chile looking for the snow experience, the figures show that the busiest months are usually between June and September, with a considerable increase in the months of July and August, keeping in the order of 80,000 visitors compared to the lowest month that historically is February with just over 30,000. However, whether in the Winter season or during the Summer, what motivates them to visit the country is the "diversity of landscapes”.

Chile's main challenge is not only to increase the number of tourists from Brazil, but to conquer them, so that they are encouraged to travel across the country in different seasons than usual and also invite them to tour new places that generally do not enter the radar of these tourists. On this issue, we repeat the words of our Executive Vice President, Helen Kouyoumdjian: “This year, special emphasis will be given to the Brazilian market, which we also see from Fedetur with good eyes and high growth expectations for 2019. That is why we will carry out relevant actions for this market in a public-private partnership, together we aim at the diversification and seasonality of Chile and with this, the one who has a lot to gain is the tourist, who will know new regions, at low cost and avoiding the agglomeration of travelers".