Chilean President Sebastian Piñera inaugurates modern facilities at Los Libertadores border complex

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Translated by: Raul Silva M.

President Piñera highlighted the efforts made jointly with President Mauricio Macri, not only to improve border crossings, but also to advance in economic integration and movement of people.

September, 2019
New facilities at Los Libertadores border crossing, Chile.
Photo: Presidencia de Chile
SANTIAGO.- President Sebastián Piñera inaugurated on Monday the new facilities of Los Libertadores Border Complex, which will substantially improve the conditions of the main border crossing with Argentina. Occasion when he also highlighted the good relations between both countries.

This Complex is part of the Sistema Integrado Cristo Redentor,  an international corridor with the greatest international traffic on the border between Chile and Argentina, also the main land connection with the Mercosur trade bloc.

Thus, Piñera stressed that "together with President Macri, we have strongly encouraged to improve all the passes between Argentina and Chile. Our country has 36 Customs complexes, of which 29 are with the Argentine Republic, therefore we have made efforts together with President Macri to modernize all these border crossings, to gain in economic integration, in a better and more free exchange not only of goods, services and investments, but also a better circulation of people".

He also indicated that they are working on other projects such as the Bioceanic Corridor which "will link the Atlantic with the Pacific, departing in Brazil, passing through Paraguay, Argentina and reaching the northern ports of our country".
This, together with the collaboration in other areas such as the commercial exchange between countries or the project to create a Marine Park at the Antarctic Peninsula. 

"Our nations share more than 5,000 kilometers of borders, more than 200 years of friendship, but above all we share principles and visions. 

We have so much to do together that, without a doubt, the progress we are making is a very good omen of how much we can move forward together to ensure that the Argentine and Chilean peoples can strengthen their capacity for development and improve the quality of life of itheir inhabitants", he said. 

Details of the Complex  

Dog searching for drug, Chilean Customs.
Photo: Presidencia de Chile
Regarding the complex, Piñera stressed that "we are inaugurating a construction for which we have waited many decades and we are doing it with a clear sense of future. This new border crossing, at 3 thousand meters altitude, will allow for a better integration and collaboration between two friend countries, such as Argentina and Chile".

President Piñera added, "we are inaugurating today an infrastructure that we hope will serve for many decades: 35 thousand square meters of construction, which will bring great benefits".

This is how waiting times will be reduced from almost 3 hours to a maximum of half an hour, along with better habitability conditions for local workers.

37% of the cargo entering or leaving our country passes through this border crossing. In addition, the complex will also have a Carabineros Sub-Station and facilities with basic services, logistics and staff rooms. 
The Chilean President also highlighted "a simplified migratory system which is based on applying technology, better logistics and also a simplified Customs network".