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Argentine tourists will fall in 2019, but the Chinese are starting to arrive

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Translated by: Raul Silva M.

Currently, the number of tourists of the Asian giant in Chile is 30 thousand a year, but the government hopes that soon it will reach 100 thousand.

December, 2018
Argentine tourists buying in a mall.
Young Argentine tourists shopping in Chile 
Photo: emol.com
Chilean tourism benefited in 2016 and 2017 with the visits of Argentines who crossed The Andes, especially to flood the country's malls and shopping centers. A very favorable exchange rate generated a large influx of trans-Andean visitors, whose purchases and expenses had a positive impact on local trade figures. 

But that boom is over and, in fact, a decrease in the number of Argentines is expected for the Summer season in Chile in relation to the historical average, which is relevant since they represent more than half of all tourists visiting Chile.

Faced with this situation, local authorities took action on the matter and are moving to promote the country as a tourist destination, especially in Europe and Asia.

“We have a significant growth of English, German and French visitors. We are intensely promoting the country in these markets, because they are tourists whose stay is longer, and their daily spending is greater”, said Undersecretary of Tourism, Monica Zalaquett, to TV Pulso de Los Negocios.

“The number of arrivals is going to fall, due to the high dependence we have on the Argentine market, but the fall in foreign currency will not be as important as the fall in the number of visitors, precisely because we are working on these other markets that are reacting well, and we hope that in 1 or 2 years they will become relevant”, she added.

In that context, he indicated that from January 2019, Chile will appear for the first time on the main tourist platform in China, Ctrip, which is where the inhabitants of that country decide their trips.

“This year, tourism was for the first time part of the Chile Week in Shanghai. From January, Chile will be present in the great Asian platform where they decide their trips. Today we receive 30 thousand Chinese, we believe that number can grow. Their average stay is 14 days and the average cost is US $ 2,000 or more, and we can double the number or reach 100,000 Chinese visitors easily, ”Zalaquett added. 

Argentine tourist and his car loaded with products bought in Chile.
Photo: Vladimir Bigorra, El Mercurio.
On the other hand, he stressed that the Apec summit, that will be held in 2019 in Chile, is a great opportunity to promote the country abroad. "It will be a great window that will make our country visible to the world, and given to the large number of visitors, a world of opportunities will open," said the undersecretary.

She also detailed the main guidelines that the government has in tourism. “The great goal and where we want to mark an inflection point is to boost domestic tourism. Chile today has offers for all budgets, but we must advance in digitalization”.

“For the important fall of Argentine visitors, the last measurement we have is that the foreign currency income had increased 3.4%. I hope until the end of the year to finish netted. The total drop in visitors is around 13%, but on the other hand the projections show a better internal tourism. Today we live from inbound tourism and domestic tourism has not been relevant. Argentina has always been important, but we want to lower that dependence", she said.