Chile, a World Class Tourist Destination

Navigation to Grey Glacier, Chile.
Navigation to Grey Glacier - Torres del Paine National Park
      Chile, which last year had already been recognized as Top Destination in the category of Adventure Tourism, this year 2016 is again positioned at the World Travel Awards with nominations in 11 categories, either as a country or specific locations. Easter Island, Chilean possession located in Polynesia, was nominated as Best Beach Destination and Best Tourist Destination of South America, nomination shared with Santiago. The capital of the Metropolitan Region is also nominated for Best Business Travel Destination and South America's Leading City Break Destination. Also, SERNATUR (National Tourism Service) has been proposed as South America's Leading Tourist Board 2016. The breakdown of the nominations includes:

* South America's Leading Adventure Tourism Destination       Chile
* South America's Leading Sports Tourism Destination              Chile
* South America's Leading Culinary Destination                           Chile
* South America's Leading Cultural Destination                            Chile
* South America's Leading Green Destination                                Chile
* South America's Leading Business Travel Destination              Santiago
* South America's Leading City Break Destination                        Santiago
* South America's Leading Beach Destination                                Easter Island
* South America's Leading Destination                                            Easter Island
South America's Leading Cruise Port                                             Valparaiso
* South America's Leading Destination                                             Santiago

Atacama Desert,Chile.
Valley of the Moon, near San Pedro de Atacama, archaeological and tourist attraction -
       The tourism industry in Chile has grown steadily in recent years, and the arrival of foreign tourists to the country in the last summer season exceeded all expectations. The Undersecretary of Tourism estimated in December that the number of visitors from other countries would exceed a little over 500,000, however, a study of the entity revealed that, in the first 31 days of the year entered the country more than 720 thousand people as visitors, this represents an increase of 30% compared with the same period last year.

Hand in hand with the increase in the number of visitors, suppliers of tourist services have also significantly improved the infrastructure, services and attention, so this year many Chilean private providers of tourist services are among the nominees for the World Travel Awards:

* South America's Leading Conference Hotel                                  Sheraton Santiago, Hotel & Convention Center 
* South America's Leading City Hotel                                               The Ritz- Carlton Santiago
* South America's Leading Green Hotel                                           The Singular, Patagonia
* South America's Leading Airport Hotel                                         Holiday Inn, Santiago
* South America's Leading Boutique Hotel                                      Explora Patagonia
* South America's Leading Boutique Resort                                    Explora Patagonia
* South America's Leading Hotel                                                        Grand Hyatt, Santiago
* South America's Leading Business Hotel                                       The Ritz- Carlton, Santiago
* South America's Leading Hotel Suite                                              The Ritz- Carlton, Santiago
* South America's Leading Hotel Suite                                              San Cristobal Tower, Santiago
* South America's Leading Airport                                                     Santiago International Airport
* South America's Leading Airline                                                      Lan Airlines
* South America's Leading Expedition Company                            Explora
* South America's Leading Expedition Company                            The Singular, Patagonia

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